Sep. 1st, 2015

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Balthazar is born, with a clutch of a few thousand other winged siblings, around the same time the first multicellular organisms begin swimming in the Earth's primordial sea. A new type of angel, more delicate than multi-winged seraphim, not quite as flashy as a cherub, and tinier by far than the four Archangels. Ofanim, they're called, the Wheels, and they Never. Stop. Moving.

It wouldn't be hard to find the young angel annoying. He's an unstoppable fireburst of good-natured humor and interest in everything going on around him, and he's all over everything he can be. At first, he and the siblings his age are allowed to roam the planet a bit, Graces singing with delight at everything they see. Rocks! Look, they glitter! Oh, the scum on the water is the best shade of green! But the clouds, look at the shape and the way they move--!

Creation is just that amazing, evidently. Presumably the Father finds them endearing in their innocent delight, but it's not long before they have to be gathered back up into Heaven to be made into soldiers. Some of the Ofanim take to that well enough, but Balthazar's performance is spotty. Fighting seems to go against his grain in some fashion; he doesn't want to hurt anything. But he does have a fascination for Heavenly weaponry. That's a start, at least.


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The Angel Balthazar

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