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Name:The Angel Balthazar
((RP account for the angel Balthazar, from Supernatural. Warnings for this account include drug/alcohol use and abuse, sexual behavior (and lots of it!), and potentially sacrilege, depending on your definition. The mun's plurk name is available by PM request.))

Sly, childish, insincere—he hardly ever says what he means, and when he does, it’s usually shrouded in sarcasm—a thieving hedonist with only the most flexible and transient vestiges of a moral code. Unfeeling? Not by a long shot, but you’re not likely to get him to admit that.

Primarily, he looks out for number one. Screw causes, and never mind about the big picture.

Still, loyalty matters. Friendship matters.

“I'm really really happy to see you again, Cas. Even if you do still have that stick up your ass.”

((Default canon points are either a) During S6, around the time of 'My Heart Will Go On' or b) Post-S6, with Balthazar having been killed but brought back by some deus ex machina or another. (Edit: And NOW in new Never-an-Angel and Post-canon Amnesiac flavors!)

Feel free to PM or ask OOC for alterations or explanations.))

Interests (13):

angels, castiel, earth, heaven, not celine, not raphael, not titanic, salt, staff, stealing, supernatural, weapons, what is french for twelve
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