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Heaven's dungeon is a place not of darkness, but of relentless, merciless light. Light that sears and aches in the eyes of even an angel; light that's heavy and solid, like stones poured over an already-bruised body. No one complains or begs mercy, because it's pointless. Forgiveness is for humans, not the Host. And if the wardens are a little too enthusiastic in their task of meting out divine vengeance...well, they're only following orders.

Balthazar knew all this in theory even before being imprisoned here. It was something vaguely discomforting before, just a scary story. Now he's presented with the reality, and he can't help but wonder why God ever allowed this place to be built.

He supposes it makes about as much sense as Hell. Which is to say, not enough.

There are few enough of them there. He was introduced to Gadreel within the first day. Balthazar's not good at tact, unfortunately; his first greeting was something along the lines of 'so this mess is at least partly your fault'.

But he followed that up with: 'well, shit happens. never mind.' And he hasn't mentioned it since.

Today, the wardens aren't doing their usual vicious jobs. Something's up, and tension is high all around. Meekly and quietly, Balthazar creeps through space to Gadreel's side, wings held low and submissive for the benefit of the limited number of guards still present. What he says as he settles in, though, is: "Hello, Brother! I'm bored. Have you ever played twenty questions?"

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He's one of the few who has been here since the very beginning. Gadreel, the angel who was tricked into allowing Lucifer into the Garden. Most of the other prisoners either ignored him or joined in with their wardens in dealing out what they thought was just wrath and punishment.

Balthazar was the rare exception and while Gadreel did not understand, he was at least grateful. Conversation, no matter how limited, was at least some way to concentrate on something other than the light or the pain. They had shared a few words, but when you were thrown in prison to rot, what was there to really talk about?

Except things were changing. The wardens were quieter, discussing things among themselves or they simply weren't present. Perhaps they assumed that the angels left were too broken to take notice anymore. He'd been quietly contemplating that when Balthazar slipped up beside him.

Slowly he shook his head. Bored? How does one get bored in a place like this? If you were being left alone that was a respite you savored because it never lasted. "No, Brother. It is not something I am familiar with."


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Lucifer is not a subject Gadreel is capable of discussing, at least not in the depths of Heaven's prisons. He's been driven so close to the breaking point again and again that the slightest nudge in the wrong direction could send him spiraling into despair, leaving him silent and despondent like so many of their shattered brethren who have become unresponsive to anything, kindness or violence.

The word game seems like a good distraction and he nods slowly to convey his understanding. "I will try, Brother. But perhaps you should start? I am not certain that I understand the game." His eyes flick towards the nearest warden. Ordinarily they strode around arrogantly, wings held high and hands resting on swords or lashes as they moved among the prisoners. Today they ignored their charges, more intent on some conversation that he couldn't quite make out. "Something is wrong."

Yes, he knows this is apparent, but he has to start somewhere.

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Gadreel has learned, from his time in prison, that discretion kept you alive. The quieter you were, the less chance you had of catching the attention of a warden who wished to exert a little of his wrath. So he huddles closer to Balthazar, looking for all intents like another weary angel desperate for the comfort of another brother. The contact is welcome, but it also affords them the chance to speak quietly without observation.

"I have not been on Earth since the Garden. Is it alive?"

A subtle glance around. "Perhaps. There have been fewer of them on duty of late."

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The contact gets a pleased hum along his Grace in reply. So few of his brothers or sisters wanted anything to do with the angel who was responsible - however indirectly - for the fall of Eden. His wings push up against Balthazar's, eager for the slightest comfort after so many years alone, cut off from the Host.

Gadreel considers as the worn, faded feathers of his wings flutter restlessly. "Is it made of stone?" He hasn't been on Earth in so long, he has wondered more than once how much things have changed.

"Hannah," he murmurs, nodding towards the slender figure standing on her own. "She is.. dissatisfied with the course that the Host has taken. If anyone would speak to you without violence, it is her."

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A nod and Gadreel watches the exchange through lowered eyes. It's never safe to make extended eye contact, but he can at least monitor what goes on from his vantage point. Balthazar seems to be making at least some headway with Hannah and he will admit he's curious about what his brother might have learned.

Slowly his wing flares in offering as Balthazar settles against him again. "Is it water?"

And in a lower tone: "What did you learn?"

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Leaving. They were going to be abandoned there. Gadreel tightens his hand in Balthazar's, his wing acting on instinct to shield him in his distress. They were going to be abandoned in prison. There would be no more torture, but there would also be no chance of finding their way out and cut off from the rest of the Host, they would eventually fade away and die.

"Is there anything left of Earth?" Already they're of a like mind. Escape or die - either option was preferable to facing the rest of their existence in prison.

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Gadreel pushes in closer at the news, horrified. Michael was abandoning them, all of Heaven and Earth - taking them all away from the fight instead of making his stand. It doesn't take more than a beat for him to make his decision. "Yes. We must escape, take as many as we can with us." Or at least throw the doors wide to allow the angels to make their own decisions.

"There are few wardens left," he hazards another look around. "We may have to fight our way out."

They didn't have their weapons - their swords were long gone - but they were still warriors of Heaven. "I will stand with you, brother."

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They will fight their way out together, his brother at his side. The affectionate gesture gets an answering flare of his Grace, eager to curl around his brother's. He nods, reaching to squeeze his hand.

"Beware of Uriel. He will not hesitate to strike you down." A warning delivered before they separate. There aren't many angels left that are aware of their surroundings, but there are enough for him to gradually begin to spread his message. Samandriel. Tophiel. Former warriors in their own right. If they can shatter a single ward - it will be enough. To fall is terrifying, but to remain in prison for eternity is a torment that none of them will abide.

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The moment Balthazar acts, Gadreel is in motion, moving among the prisoners. He knows the ones that can still act, the ones that haven't broken and they're clustered around him, harried but resolved.

He accepts the blade, fingers tight around the familiar weight in his palm. "We are with you, brother. There should be enough of us to punch through at the weakest ward."

A risky option, but it was far better than rotting in prison forever.

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They're all haggard, damaged, but resolved. Still angels of the Host for whatever that was worth and they would go down fighting rather than simply fading away into nothingness. Better to finally face the end on your feet.

Balthazar's grace sings along theirs, directing the flow of power against the ancient wards woven into the very fabric of the prison and Gadreel murmurs a few words of encouragement to his fading brethren as they surge forward. Light surges and crackles and for a moment it doesn't feel like the wards will break. There. The tiniest crack in the wards is enough and as the angels throw themselves forward, it all begins to unravel.


No worries!

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The fall is sudden and terrifying. Gadreel can barely call his wings in time, hearing the cries of distress of the other angels as they plummet to Earth. But better to die free than languish in prison for eternity. He's too weak to catch himself and land smoothly, instead plowing into the parking lot and skidding into an overturned truck before he finally comes to a stop.

Gadreel forces his head up, taking in his surroundings. Get up. Move. He can't stay, they have to find the others.

"Nngh. Balthazar? Brother?" His voice is no more than a weak rasp.

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It worked. They're free. Slowly Gadreel pulls himself to his feet, blinking slowly up at Balthazar. His ears are ringing and his vessel is a wash of agony, but he can move, get himself up.

"I can walk," he confirms with a raspy voice, dragging a hand across his face. "We did it. We are free." And they are in danger. It's not safe. But he.. needs a moment to simply turn his face to the sky and breathe.

"The others. Have you seen them?"

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His wings are a wash of agony and when Gadreel staggers to his feet, the pain threatens to drop him to his knees. He clings to Balthazar for a moment, resolving to ignore the pain, to set it aside. Gadreel has known torture in heaven, known pain and he will survive this as he has survived everything else.

"Inside. Perhaps we can secure the entrance long enough to rest." The store might not be ideal cover, but it has walls and can be secured and right now - that's what they require beyond supplies. Time and a chance to get their bearings after the fall.

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The contact is enough to steady them both and Gadreel limps inside with Balthazar, taking in the overturned shelves, scattered bags and bits of humanity left behind in what must have been utter chaos. How many people had tried to find shelter in here? How many left in despair?

At least the store is quiet, the only sounds were of birds and feathers ruffling high in the rafters. No immediate danger and that's the important part - shelter. "Everything that falls to human will likely fall to us. Eating. Sleeping. The need for shelter and safety."

Gadreel twists his wrist and the stolen silver sword lands in his palm with a satisfying slap. "We are not defenseless." It's not much, but it's a start.

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Hardly a comfortable shelter, but it's enough for the two of them to rest for a bit, before they can get their bearings and start looking for supplies. "Perhaps there are better weapons here, or things we can make use of."

The sword disappears and Gadreel follows his brother closely towards the small alcove. "I have sustained worse in Heaven. I will recover." His wings ache, his vessel in agony, but he will survive. "I merely require rest." A curious glance. "And you? We must rest together."

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Gadreel frowns and is clearly ready to protest until Balthazar relents and settles in beside him. Their vessels are warm, their grace sustaining them for at least the moment. “We should rest for now. If our fall hasn’t drawn attention now, then perhaps we have escaped notice for the moment.” An arm drapes around him as he draws Balthazar’s lean vessel against his broader one. The physical comfort is almost as pleasant as when they had tangled their wings together in prison. Reassurance without words. “After we rest, we will look for supplies. Food.”

His grace is scraped raw and aching, but for now intact. “We should also conserve our power. I do not know how long it will last, but it may prove useful in an emergency.”

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Balthazar fits perfectly against him and Gadreel tucks him in as he slides an arm around his waist. It's different than twining grace, but it is still a comfort, still pleasant despite their somewhat bleak chances at the moment. Weariness is already threatening to overtake, his mortal body demanding rest and the soothing warmth of Balthazar tucked against him.

Gadreel turns to rest his cheek in his hair. "You and me, until the end." A promise he would never break, a brother he will not fail.

"We will rest for now, and begin our search for Castiel as soon as we are able." Together.

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The promise would have sentenced them to the prisons all over again - to agree to stay together, come what may. Not to follow orders or obey, but a promise made to one another. Gadreel will not leave Balthazar and will not fail him. As they lay together, huddled in the growing dark, he turns his head towards the warm hair of his brother's vessel and closes his eyes.

Sleep.. is an unsettling experience to say the least. But it leaves his vessel time to heal, his grace time to recover from the fall and by the time Balthazar stirs against him, his eyes flicker open.

He doesn't want to let go, doesn't want to give up any of the contact shared between them, but they do need to prepare, to gather supplies and protect themselves. A soft, sleepy sound as he shifts against him. "We should gather what may still remain."

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There is a brief, irrational desire to pull Balthazar in after such a gentle display of affection, to return the kiss and never let him go. But they have work to do, so he simply leans in to kiss him in return. "I do. The rest was helpful."

He is sure that the contact was part of the reason he'd even managed to rest. There had been little contact in prison and he was finding that touch, human touch, was just as soothing as tangling grace with an angel. With his brother.

"I will look to the left, if you take the right. We may be able to work faster and cover more ground." The store was vast and while Gadreel understood little of it, he could still recognize what would make serviceable supplies. Warm clothing. Weapons.
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They can find time for more intimate explorations later, Gadreel is certain of that. Every touch is a reassurance in a world swiftly collapsing around them. Creation was falling, but it didn't matter. They were free and they would stand together for as long as they could. Free.

He accepts the hand up, stretching out his vessel with a quiet grunt. "I will gather what supplies I can. See if you can locate any weapons. Or the food we may require." Because food was something he had never experienced and sending him after it might result in jars of capers, pancake mix and cajun seasoning.

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"Be careful." And he hazards another bit of contact, reaching to squeeze his hand again. Perhaps if they can find a safer place to stay for the evening, they can explore such contact further. But there were pressing matters to deal with first. Shelter. Food. Weapons.

It takes just over fifty minutes to retrieve the weapons he could find. The section said Sporting Goods and while he didn't understand what it meant, Gadreel had been able to retrieve two light metal bats, hunting knives and two sidearms he'd been able to pull from a safe in the back. He had also found warm clothes and packs to carry whatever Balthazar had located.

A good start. To whatever came next.

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The endearment, no matter how casual, gets a small smile in return. Yes, he would risk it all to spend whatever time they have left together with Balthazar. "I found these," he indicated the backpacks, already packed with the spare clothes, warm blankets and sleeping bags. Tents might take a little longer for them to sort out, but between them if it was needed, they could find some way to make them work.

"It should help to distribute the load while we carry the rest." They had sheltered at the store long enough, to stay longer would only hazard further attention that they did not need. "With any luck we should make good time before it grows too dark."

The travois might slow them down, but for now it was better to take more than leave behind what they might need. Once they get clear of the store and further away from where they landed, perhaps then they could spare the time to both rest and go through the scavenged provisions.


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