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In the interest of full disclosure, I'm attracted to many and varied ships in the SPN fandom, but in the case of this particular character I can't help but read a heavy attachment to Castiel into his actions in canon. I can see this as one-sided or solely platonic, but I can't not see it. So I do have a bit of Calthazar bias. This does not mean I'm only looking for interaction with Castiel with this character, or only romance/smut, or even only SPN-fandom interaction. I love crossovers and AUs, so just hit me up with any idea you have and I'll give it a try. Much like the character, I'm open minded that way.

That having been said, these are the in-character biases you're likely to encounter with various characters, unless we have some prior arrangement between muns:

My assumption is that Castiel is actually the slightly older one of the two of them. He was higher-ranking, as well, until his demotion. He was not Balthazar's direct-line superior, but they were in the same garrison, and Balthazar both worked with him and possibly took orders from him once or twice. They were able to interact some socially and get the measure of each other, and Balthazar was intrigued and a little amused by Castiel's blend of sincerity and social awkwardness.
After the aborted Apocalypse and their reintroduction to one another on earth, Balthazar broke his cover, stood up to an archangel (the only free and living archangel left, in fact), handed over all his favorite toys (an insanely powerful heavenly arsenal), and took orders from Castiel, even taking some blame and diverting attention for some of the resultant shenanigans. Was he trying to preserve Free Will? Partly. Partly he just wanted to save the life of the friend he had fought with for so many thousands of years.

They were clearly in the same garrison, and it's probable she was his direct-line superior, if several levels above him, which would have meant they worked closely with one another. Maybe they spoke about their doubts and frustrations, maybe not. He would have tried to speak up for her when she was brought back to Heaven for trial, if he had the opportunity, and he grieved her death deeply.

For all his swagger, Balthazar is terrified of Raphael. Archangels can be merciless. In a way, he pities him, too, though. The last living and free archangel. It must be painful.

I imagine Balthazar having a severe case of hero-worship, or possibly the angelic equivalent of a puppy-love crush, on Gabriel, who may or may not have been aware the other angel even existed except as a name in the mass of big and little brothers bickering in Heaven. There are some similarities between their methods of escaping their obligations. Perhaps Balthazar took a page from Gabriel's book.

Other angels in general
In canon, Balthazar is never seen drawing his sword against another angel. He destroys the vessels of Raphael and one of his followers, but even when he encounters Virgil, he'd rather flee than fight. Partly this may be awareness of his own limitations, but I tend to think he has warm feelings for his siblings and just doesn't want to fight them.

He would like to never encounter Lucifer. In a sense he understands his frustration with God and with humanity, but he considers him an enemy.

Demons in general
Under controlled circumstances, he might willingly bang one or two, but he's also still content to brutally kill them if he has to.

Abrasive, irritating, pain in the ass and not especially bright. Castiel obviously has a strong attachment to him, though, and that both confuses and pisses off Balthazar. Why would an angel choose a human over a brother? What do these monkeys have that he doesn't?
Except of course Dean and Balthazar have some distinct similarities: both are happy to pursue pleasure, and both keep a defensive facade. They may be more alike than either wants to admit.

More or less the same as Dean, except there's the unresolved matter of Sam being in Balthazar's debt. Just because his advice on scarring his vessel didn't work out for him doesn't mean he gets a pass on that.
There are parallels between Sam and Balthazar, as well. Both run when confronted with a family situation they can't handle psychologically.

Humans in general
For all that he calls humans 'hairless apes' and worse, the dichotomy of what they are as a group versus what an individual is capable of fascinates him. Ask him what he thinks of humans as a whole, and you'll get a disparaging answer. Ask him what he thinks of one individual, and what you get back will be vastly different. They are little universes of light and dark and ick and glory unto themselves.
Also, they make awesome drugs and are good for orgies.


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