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Age: Balthazar was created shortly before the Cambrian Explosion, only a couple million years after Castiel. This makes him one of the younger angels, but not the youngest. (My rationale here is that if Cas saw life first emerging from the primordial ocean-"Don't step on that fish!"-he'd have to be 500 million years old or so, not that I've done much research into Paleontology.).

Vessel: His vessel's name was Levi Gilman, and he was an artist, born circa 1865 and picked up somewhere around 1912. He was alone, disillusioned, and an atheist, and also not a particularly successful artist (though Balthazar maintains he had remarkable talent).


He has a thing for cheesecake. It's not quite as pronounced as Castiel's hamburger addiction, but given the opportunity, he will order and eat it, sometimes in amounts no human could without getting sick.

He also likes alcohol (obviously) and especially the higher-end stuff.

Secretly, he finds children sweet and endearing. He'd be the worst guardian ever, because any kid in his care will get no ground rules and all the sugar they can handle, but he likes them. In fact, he was quite fond of Aaron Birch, even though he was willing to buy his soul away. His moral compass is skewed that way.

Probably, he got the name 'I. P. Freely' from a child's joke book. Good thing. Otherwise the officer who saved the Titanic (until the timeline was reset properly) might have been named Mike Hunt.

And, yes, he genuinely thinks puns are funny.


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