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Just to reiterate: I am not always looking for smut, but I am usually open to it. I let the preferences of whoever I am playing with dictate where a thread goes. So if you want to play something friendly and fluffy (or vicious and antagonistic), I am 100% in.

Shipping is all about chemistry for me. I don't discriminate by gender, media, or canon, if the spark is there. This character, also, is pretty much game to try anything that doesn't get him killed. The player is not quite so cavalier, so here are some prefs in case the need arises.

Threesomes/Moresomes/Group sex (An IC favorite. He actually does know the French word for twelve. Might require coordination, but talk to me.)
Oral sex (giving or receiving)
Anal sex (giving or receiving)
Vaginal sex
Dirty talk (as a player, I struggle with this, but willing to make the effort)
Light to medium bondage
Light discipline
Multiple rounds
CR (I can be a slow starter where smut is concerned. If I'm dragging on too much for you and your character just won't instigate anything, PM me and we'll talk OOCly.)

Romance (Balthazar is commitment-shy (with the possible exception of relationships with other angels). He likes the external trappings, though: wine, flowers, music.)
Hatesex (I'm not sure I'd be good at this, but will consider if asked.)

Probably not:
Verbal abuse/humiliation (I'm willing to consider this, but I'd like OOC communication first. In the past this has been a hard limit for me as a player, but different characters lend themselves to different things, so.)
Watersports/enemas (Not a big squick, but also not on my bucket list.)
Death (Unless the character is another angel or demon, and don't spring this on me, please.)
Underage (You can make a convincing case for Balthazar being indifferent to age limits ICly, but I'm going to have to say no, as a player, to characters under 15/16, and even that's pushing it. I prefer 18+ for smut. CR and one-sided puppy love are open to all ages.)

Non-con (One could argue for this being something Balthazar might actually do IC, but I can't see it, and I don't want to play it regardless. Consensual non-consent is fine, though, as is dub-con. Just talk to me.)
Impossible penetration

Where dominance is concerned, I think of Balthazar as a switch. If it sounds like fun, he's game, but partly it will depend on what character he's playing off of. (To use castmates as an example, he'd be unlikely as hell to sub for Dean without some major persuasion, but Gabriel or Castiel would be a different story.)

I am open to headgames with him, either as giver or recipient, provided I'm playing with someone patient who can give me tags with something to work with. As a rule I don't mind action tags or even one-liners, but with smut, it helps to have some idea what the other character's thinking.

Bloodplay, gunplay, electrosex, breathplay, and other extreme/physically dangerous kinks are fine with me, but if you want him to be the dominant, I need a lot of OOC communication because my inclination in RP is always to tread lightly.

Questions and comments are always welcome!


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