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Heaven is sick. Balthazar thinks, in retrospect, he's probably known that for a very long time. Maybe he felt the change in the aether even as it began, and just didn't want to acknowledge it until now. It must have started with Lucifer's Fall, he thinks. The Host was designed as a unit, all brothers and sisters, from the archangels down to the littlest cherub. Once one was lost, maybe it was just a matter of time before others started to collapse like dominoes.

He didn't know any of the archangels well, of course. No one of his rank knew them well, and Balthazar was by and large not very distinctive in the early days of Paradise. He didn't know Lucifer, then, though he mourned his Fall in quiet horror. Gabriel he was able to grieve for more openly; he may have been disloyal, a deserter of his post, but he hadn't rebelled, and that was an important distinction. He didn't know Gabriel that well, either, but he missed him.

Anna's departure was what really hit home. She was his leader; he trusted her, loved her, fought by her side, and watched the Earth turn for millennia. When she was stationed on the Earth, though, he remained in Heaven, guarding and tending the arsenal. In retrospect, he wonders if things would have been different if she'd had more backup. He used to be able to make her laugh. Maybe just that would have made a difference.

All he knows now is, when he saw her Grace streak across the sky, he knew she was dead. If she survived the separation and Fall, she would be hunted, and sooner or later she would be caught.

Damned if he wasn't right. It seems it's only the prelude to things just as bad or worse, too. Castiel is gone, too. Something detonated in the back of Balthazar's head when he heard that news. Castiel was his best friend. He could have mourned him and held firm; he could have mourned Anna and held firm. With both of them lost, he feels like he's got nothing left to hold onto.

Anna may become aware, in her cell in Heaven's prison, of a series of explosions that rock the Axis Mundi. Heavenly weapons, shattering beneath a ringing blast from the shofar that broke Jericho's walls. The guards around her run to see what's happening, leaving her alone in her cell, in this place of cruel and violent light. A moment later, there's a flutter of wings, and Balthazar appears on the opposite side of the bars. There's dark fabric tangled around him; possibly some sort of blessed weapon he stole from the very arsenals that just went up in ethereal flame. It would take that sort of advantage for a low-level angel to slip in here.

"Anna?" He calls softly, placing his hands on the bars. "Sister. Are you hurt?" It's a dumb question, because he's not sure he can get her out whether she's hurt or not. Still, he wants to know.

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Anna is curled in the corner of her cell as though seeking shelter, though there is no shelter to be had, not from the piercing light of Heaven's prison. Her eyes are distant and unfocused, as if just existing in this place has stripped the fight from her. She's not hurt - not yet. Not like she will be. But she knows it's only a matter of time before upper management is finished with their business on Earth and returns to deal with her. The War to End All Wars is beginning, but Anna knows better than most how much of war is just... waiting. Once the final seal is broken, she thinks, they'll come to her here. They probably won't kill her; they'll need all the soldiers they can get in the upcoming battles. It doesn't matter, though - everything in her that is Anna will be gone before they send her back to the field.

At her best, Anna would recognize the sound of the horn of Jericho right away. At her best, she would take advantage of being left alone for the first time since she was apprehended to attempt an escape. At her best, she would recognize Balthazar from the sound of his wing-beats alone.

Anna is not at her best.

She feels the explosions, but doesn't put together their origins, and she doesn't notice Balthazar's presence until he addresses her outright. Blinking, she pulls together enough of herself to feel vaguely ashamed that he's seeing her like this, but mostly she's just pleased to see him. She'd been sure that she'd never see any of her former garrison again, and she hadn't been sure if Balthazar had been one of those targeted by Uriel. It had bothered her to think that he might be dead and she would have no way of knowing.

"Balthazar." She tries to summon up a smile for him. It doesn't work too well, but there's a softness in her eyes. "It's good to see you again."


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